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Trade Inquiries - Wholesale Rates Inquiries

Before we go into any details, you should know some simple things. We are a UK based retail, manufacturing, supplier, distributing and wholesale company. Our warehouse is located in Manchester and you can find our physical address at the bottom of this page or on the “contact us” page for more details. We offer our innovative and professional services to consumers, retailers, wholesalers, traders and other manufacturers.

Onex sport also loves to help club owners, traders and certain fitness shops owners. A lot of times we receive emails from clients asking if we offer some kind of trade discounts. Short answer is “Yes”. We do a lot of stuff like that. If you are one of the above mentioned folks, and want to avail the trade discounts on bulk purchases, you can simply contact us and let us know which products you are interested in and we’ll proceed it from there.

So to be clear, you need to mention two things when asking for trade discount.

1): Names/Links of the Products you are interested in.

2): Quantity required for each product.

When we have the above data, we will let you know the most competitive prices that you can ever get. It should be kept in mind that for retail customers, we are only allowing shipping to United Kingdom for the time being. But for wholesale customers, traders or regular bulk buyers, we can deliver worldwide no matter how far their locale is.

Thank you for your time!

OneX Sport Ltd.