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Welcome to Onex Fight Gear Shop

100% Secure Shopping Experience

OneX Sport Ltd takes all the precautionary measures to make your shopping experience more and more secure. It all starts from your order placement, providing us your necessary information and finally paying the amount required to proceed your order. We take all of these steps seriously and make sure nothing bad happens in the way. Following are some of the necessary things you need to know that’ll help you understand about our secure shopping environment.

Sensitive Information

We know that for placing the order, you need to input your personal and sensitive information like your full name, physical address, shipping address, phone number and email address etc. Such information is required for us to send the parcel at your place. But we assure you one thing, we neither use your personal information for personal gain nor supply such information to any 3rd party at any reason. You purchase from us and in return we send the thing that you’ve purchased. We may only use your information for Newsletter (promotional updates) and you can even remove your email address from our subscribers list at any time you want.

Credit Card Information

We don’t store your credit card information as you’ll have to pay us directly on the PayPal (official) website by signing into your account.

Quality Assurance

OneX Sport manufactures its products from the finest materials and top notch innovative manufacturing skills. Our quality is a lot better than any other ordinary seller out there.

We have many certified and professional Quality Checking Officers who check each and every item carefully before we ship it to your door. Meaning that its not possible for you to receive the wrong order or receive a defected product. If still, for some reason, your product doesn’t arrive as promised, you can return or exchange it but first write us on our email and be sure that you read all of our Returns and Exchange Policies.

Payment Processors

As discussed earlier, we don’t accept payments directly on our website, but via the official PayPal website. PayPal is considered as the most secured and safe payment processor out there for buying online. So there’s no chance that you’ll bear any kind of loss when you buy from us.

Hassle free returns

If by any chance you feel that you’re unhappy with your product, we can return it or exchange it with any product as per your requirements. This hassle free policy will ensure your money doesn’t go to waste. You can read the return policy for more details.